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Advisory Board

  • Takashi Takiguchi

    Head of Aerodynamics, Thermal Management & Acceleration Performance

    Honda R&D Co. Ltd., Japan

  • Wilko Jansen

    Senior Technical Specialist TASE & AWCV

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Craig Rowberry

    Functional Manager Aerodynamics

    Bentley Motors Limited, UK

  • Dr. Moni Islam

    Head of Aerodynamics

    Audi AG, Germany

  • Dr. Kamel Azzouz

    Head of Advanced Engineering

    Valeo, France

  • Adrian Gaylard

    Technical Specialist - Computational Aerodynamics

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Alfred Jeckel

    Manager Product Support HV Battery

    Daimler AG, Germany

International Forum Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management 2020

Join our parallel and plenary sessions to hear about the latest case studies on:
  • Powertrain thermal management for internal combustion engines, electric and hybrid -electric vehicles
  • Aerodynamic design and optimization processes for handling and stability
  • Vehicle thermodynamics
  • WLTP and aerodynamics, as well as future CO2 compliance testing for aerodynamics solutions
  • Next generation fuel cell vehicle development
  • Aero-thermal development & efficiency
  • HVAC and climate control solutions for optimized range, passenger comfort and environmental sustainability
  • Aeroacoustics and fuel economy
  • Thermal management of power electronics
  • Aerodynamic flow control and drag reduction
  • Virtual drive cycle thermal modelling & new development in CAE techniques
  • Advanced CFD and wind tunnel testing
  • Climate control for low refrigerant charge protection
  • CFD optimization algorithms
  • Next generation thermal management systems and components & integrated thermal management
  • (WLTP) Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures & Aerodynamics
  • High voltage battery thermal management for enhanced energy efficiency and battery cooling
  • Motorsport aerodynamics and aerodynamic development transfer between motorsport and production industries
  • Advanced designs in automotive climate control and cooling systems & waste heat recovery applications
  • Aerodynamic design for dirt contamination and water flow
Welcome to the 2nd joint International Forum Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management 2020!
Dear members of the Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management Community,
After 4 annual conferences on Automotive Aerodynamics in the UK, 5 conferences on Automotive Thermal Management in the UK & the USA and a successful joint Aero-Thermal Forum it is a great pleasure for us at Internect Forums Limited to host the 2nd joined Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management Forum!
If you are looking for an effective means to exhaust your networking potential through our unique conference format while benefitting from high quality presentations, then don’t miss this “must attend” event for all players in the Automotive Aerodynamics and Thermal Management market.
On the 24-25 September 2020, decision makers, heads of departments, senior experts from international companies, suppliers and prestigious research institutions will get together in Manchester, UK, to bring together 'State of the Art' through a variety of interactive sessions, panel discussions, workshops and industry case studies.
Gain insight into cutting-edge technologies through our exhibition and variety of presentations. Join our round table discussions, interactive sessions and evening workshops and benefit from 2 events in one at the premier Automotive Aerodynamics and Thermal Management Conference for automotive manufacturers and suppliers! And this year, don’t miss our special networking dinner gala at Cloud 23/ Hilton Manchester Deansgate in Manchester City Centre!
We look forward to welcoming you in September of this year to make this event another success in the global automotive engineering calendar! 
 Kind regards,

Maria Nikolopoulou


Internect Forums Limited

Nikolaos Galanopoulos


Internect Forums Limited