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International Forum Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management 2020

Virtual Forum Day Two / Friday, 25 September 2020

(Note: The programme references UK time)

8:00 am - 8:10 am
Welcome & Opening Speech by the Organiser
Maria Nikolopoulou
Internect Forums Limited, Canada
8:10 am - 8:20 am
Keynote Speech

[Session Chaired by Takashi Takiguchi]

Τakashi Τakiguchi
Head of Aerodynamics, Thermal Μanagement & Acceleration Performance
Honda R&D Co. Ltd., Japan
 8:20 am - 8:50 am
 Innovations in Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers
·       Opportunities for improving air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers
·       Prototype development with additive manufacturing
·       Comparison with heat exchangers manufactured using conventional technology at significantly lower cost
·       Flow distribution and wetting
·       Potential for shape-conforming heat exchangers in automotive systems

 Vikrant Aute

 Research Scientist & Co-Director
Center for Environmental Engineering
 University of Maryland, USA


8:50 am - 9:00 am

Sponsor: ICON presentation

9:00 am - 9:30 am

 The Effect of Wheel Rim Porosity on a Sports Car’s Aerodynamic and Brake Performance

•             Assessment of the effect of rim porosity on brake temperature by means of track-based tests
•             Wind tunnel investigations into rim porosity influence on lift and drag
•             The influence of forced ventilation on aerodynamic properties
•             Balancing aerodynamic, brake cooling and styling demands
Andreas Schmitt
Lead Engineer Aerodynamics      
Lotus Cars, UK
9:20 am - 9:45 am
9:45 am - 10:15 am
Interactive Session- Team Debate with Q&As
In small groups you will have the chance to share your views in a lively debate while
solving a technical question.
10:15 am -10:25 am
Keynote Speech
[Session Chaired by Kamel Azzouz]
Dr. Kamel Azzouz
Head of Advanced Engineering
Valeo, France
10:25 am - 10:55 am
Low Temperature Characteristics of Electric Powertrains and Thermal Management Solutions
•             Low temperature characteristics of BEV and PHEV
•             Li Ion battery low temperature behavior in detail
•             Thermal management possibilities to control temperature
•             Outlook
Alfred Jeckel
Manager Thermal Validation Li Ion Batteries
Daimler AG, Germany


10:55 am - 11:10
11:10 am - 11:40 am
Design & Development on the Tightest Budget
•           In F1, teams have been able to take advantage of increasing budgets, and have got used to expensive, effective but financially inefficient research methods
•           In lesser formulae and the automotive sector, budgets were always tighter, and some interesting lessons can be drawn from these experiences – but still one can be more efficient with research
•           Willem will share the “warts and all” experience of the development of an all-new hillclimb car with a development cost lower than the price of a mid-range road car
•           Some fascinating advantages of a small cooperative team with diverse knowledge bases were demonstrated – and the pitfalls of holes in knowledge exposed
•           The car has been built in small numbers and its strengths as well as its weaknesses can be seen on track
•           Willem will talk through the lessons taken away from this process
Willem Toet
Professor & Senior Sales Manager
University of Bolton & Sauber Aerodynamics
11:40 am - 12:10 pm
Interactive Session/Panel Discussion
Chaired by our Scientific Committee:

A. Gaylard



Κ. Azzouz

A. Jeckel

The Automotive Engineering Future After Coronavirus
  • Effective remote working from personal experience
  • Is CAE and virtual prototyping more necessary than ever?
  • New platforms for effective sales and marketing for suppliers
  • The future of the Automotive industry
12:10 pm - 12:20 pm
Closing Remarks by the Organiser & End of Virtual Forum Day 2
Maria Nikolopoulou
Internect Forums Limited, Canada