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Event Concept

Why you should attend an Internect automotive conference:


Are you looking for a means to network effectively with a targeted international group of your counterparts, prospective and/or existing clients?

Would you like to hear the latest case studies and presentations from prestigious international companies on the current industry challenges and solutions directly from the top level-experts, while having the opportunity to engage with them in technical discussions?
Do you think that the conventional conference format might be useful but not enough?
Then don't miss the opportunity to join one of our upcoming events and benefit from a unique interactive conference concept!


We make sure that after the conference your professional network will have broadened and your presence will be remembered.


Internect events are not just conferences. And they are not just exhibitions. Internect events perfectly combine the opportunity to hear higly technical /scientific presentations, with effective and plenty of networking opportunities. 
Every part of our conferences is carefully planned in order to maximize your networking potential. 
Additionally to the latest case studies and presentations from a large number of prestigious international companies, we offer a large number of interactive sessions, panel discussions, social gatherings and workshops in which we motivate you to broaden your professional network. 
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Our interactive sessions in detail:
Internect on Faceboard: 
With the registration, we take a picture of each participant and pin it together with his/her business card on our pinboard. This enables you to easily spot the colleagues that you would like to approach during the 2 conference days.
Interactive session: Internect at speed:
As an icebreaker at the beginning of the conference, we arrange a series of one to one meetings. In this session you will have the opportunity to have a short chat for 3 minutes with the person in front of you, introduce yourself, identify potential business partners and exchange business cards.At the ring of the bell, you are asked to join the partner next to you. Thereby we make sure that by the end of the session, you will have talked to most of the other participants.

Panel Discussions and Q&As:

 After each presentation we offer 10 minutes for Q&As and open discussions in the room. Additionally, panel discussions offer the opportunity for intensive interactivity among the participants throughout the session. 

Interactive Session- Team Debate with Q&As:
In this session each participant is assigned to a team at a round table. Each round table has to collaborate and to figure out a question on an industry challenge that another team would have to answer. The questions will be written on a card and distributed. After consultation with your team, the questions will be read aloud by a representative from each table.

Evening Workshops:

Workshops take place in a targeted and smaller participant field as they are booked separately. The aim is to offer you the chance to go into more depth into the topic, interact with your peers, raise questions, share views and opinions on the throughout this 1,5 hour session.

Evening Event & Dinner:
Our evening get-together and networking event is an excellent opportunity to discuss with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere with music entertainment, dinner and drinks.