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Advisory Board

  • Takashi Takiguchi

    Head of Aerodynamics, Thermal Management & Acceleration Performance

    Honda R&D Co. Ltd., Japan

  • Wilko Jansen

    Senior Technical Specialist TASE & AWCV

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Craig Rowberry

    Functional Manager Aerodynamics

    Bentley Motors Limited, UK

  • Dr. Moni Islam

    Head of Aerodynamics

    Audi AG, Germany

  • Dr. Kamel Azzouz

    Head of Advanced Engineering

    Valeo, France

  • Adrian Gaylard

    Technical Specialist - Computational Aerodynamics

    Jaguar Land Rover, UK

  • Alfred Jeckel

    Manager Product Support HV Battery

    Daimler AG, Germany

International Forum Automotive Aerodynamics & Thermal Management 2021

Join our parallel and plenary sessions to hear about the latest case studies on:
  • Powertrain thermal management for internal combustion engines, electric and hybrid -electric vehicles
  • Aerodynamic design and optimization processes for handling and stability
  • Vehicle thermodynamics
  • WLTP and aerodynamics, as well as future CO2 compliance testing for aerodynamics solutions
  • Next generation fuel cell vehicle development
  • Aero-thermal development & efficiency
  • HVAC and climate control solutions for optimized range, passenger comfort and environmental sustainability
  • Aeroacoustics and fuel economy
  • Thermal management of power electronics
  • Aerodynamic flow control and drag reduction
  • Virtual drive cycle thermal modelling & new development in CAE techniques
  • Advanced CFD and wind tunnel testing
  • Climate control for low refrigerant charge protection
  • CFD optimization algorithms
  • Next generation thermal management systems and components & integrated thermal management
  • (WLTP) Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures & Aerodynamics
  • High voltage battery thermal management for enhanced energy efficiency and battery cooling
  • Motorsport aerodynamics and aerodynamic development transfer between motorsport and production industries
  • Advanced designs in automotive climate control and cooling systems & waste heat recovery applications
  • Aerodynamic design for dirt contamination and water flow